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The Montana Law Review requests that submissions comply with the following standards:


How to Submit

Please submit your contribution using the "Submit Now" tab below. Alternatively, you may submit your contribution by e-mailing it to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Submissions for Online Publication

If you are submitting your contribution for online publication, we will not consider submissions in excess of 5,000 words except under extraordinary circumstances. Please note whether the submission is intended for online publication.


Submissions for Print Publication

We publish essays (5,000–10,000 words) and articles (10,000–30,000 words). We will not consider submissions in excess of 30,000 words except under extraordinary circumstances.



The Montana Law Review accepts contributions from August 1st through June 1st and we publish two issues annually in addition to continuous online publications. We do not review submissions during the summer. You may still submit an article or essay for review during the summer, but it will not be processed until August 1st.


Print Publication

The Winter issue is published during the first quarter of the year and the Summer issue is published in the third quarter of the year. We start compiling and editing contributions for the Winter issue in August and for the Summer issue in December. We never reject a contribution for lack of space; instead, we prepare it for publication in the next issue.


Online Publication

Submissions for online publication are processed continuously from August 1st through June 1st and are usually placed on a faster review track than print publications.


Citation Style

The Montana Law Review follows the ALWD Citation Manual. Please ensure that the citations comply with the 4th Edition of the ALWD Citation Manual.



The Montana Law Review replaces all URLs with permalinks. Please follow the directions listed below.


The Review Process

Every qualifying submission is read by at least two editors of the Montana Law Review. The Intake Editor reads the contribution and certifies that it complies with the guidelines. The Intake Editor sends qualified submissions to the Editors in Chief. If necessary, we also request a faculty review. The entire process usually takes 10–14 days.


The Montana Law Review Policy

We prefer to notify the authors of our decision by e-mail. It is our policy to not discuss the reasons for our publication decisions.


MLR Permalink Guidelines

1. Go to in your web browser.

2. If you do not have an account, follow the instructions on the site to set up your account

3. If you have an account proceed to log in

4. To create a permanent archive of your link:

 a. Copy the link to the information or source you wish to archive

 b. Paste the link in the box displayed on

 c. Click the   symbol  on the left side of the box to create the permanent link.

 d. should generate an automatic archive of your link on's servers. Below is an example of an online New York Times article uploaded to

 Original link:



For citation purposes please follow the ALWD manual rules but insert the permalink instead of the original link and then insert the original link immediately after in brackets with one space on each side of the brackets.


Original ALWD format: “Justice James C. Nelson,” Montana Courts, available at (visited Jan. 13, 2014).


MLR permalink format: “Justice James C. Nelson,” Montana Courts, available at ( (visited Jan. 13, 2014).


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