Lemon law montana

The Montana lemon law covers consumers who fall into any one of the following categories: The purchaser, other than for purposes of resale, of a motor vehicle Any person to whom the motor vehicle is transferred during the duration of the vehicle’s express warranty and. Any other person entitled by the terms of the express warranty to enforce .Lemon law attorneys investigate a client’s claim and help ensure the client understands their legal options. It is vital that you seek a lawyer for lemon law in Montana as soon as you think you may have a lemon law claim. There will be a lemon law rights period for bringing your claim, and you do not want to miss the deadline.Montana Lemon Law (61-4-501 – 61-4-533) Vehicles Covered Any vehicle, including the nonresidential portion of a motor home, propelled by its own power, designed primarily to transport persons or property upon the public highways. Does not include trucks with 10,000 pounds or more GVW or motorcycles.